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                                Our Natural VCO

We are just simply trying to make our Virgin Coconut Oil closer to the natural form as much as possible, from harvesting the nuts to the final product must be as short as possible. It can be done with a few nuts but thousand of nuts it is a great challenge, and this is exactly why we work very hard every day, besides all the daily routines we have to improve the skills, to apply modern science to better coconut products and ourselves 


After coconuts fall on the ground we load them on the wheel barrel or the dingy if it happens that no trail insight. Each coconut is de-husked,the soft shell (husk) is stacked away from coconut fiber processing, and the hard shell is kept to turn into handicraft. Unfortunate the mature coconut water is very much going down to the sewer, but we are doing experiments to process it into coconut sugar, high quality coconut vinegar, but don’t be surprised if we would be able to have it as fresh coconut water.


The the skin is removed from the coconut meat, the pure white coconut mead then is fed to the grater to shred it into fine grainy size before the moisture in the coconut grating gets removed by the de-humidifier. The machine operates under room temperature, therefore no significance amount of coconut aroma  being destroyed by heat. Our final product is as clear as spring water with full of fresh coconut aroma.

Our Crystal Coconut Oil